Capturing -t list output

I am using the windows client and want to capture the output from the vhui64 -t list command into a variable using powershell, or alternatively into a file. When I use powershell, I always get the list output as a popup, even if I try to redirect the command to a file such as

$vh = vhui64 -t list
vhui64 -t list > log.txt

Redirects to a file in a windows command window creates an empty file.

Any suggestions?



Its a bit complicated but the way windows works is different to linux etc and actually vhui64.exe cannot write to a console if run inside a batch file.

I will modify the client so that you can redirect output to a file instead then you can read the file like this

I will make this change in the next version of the client that i will release in a day or two...


I will try this soon.


Thanks for the quick turn on this. It solved our issue.