VirtualHere appears not completely transparent.


I am trying to use a Software Defined Radio remotely using virtualhere, license purchased. The radio hardware is a FunCube dongle. When plugged in to my laptop, it appears as a USB audio source labelled FunCube Dongle and an HID, with no particularly unique name. It works fine in the laptop, the HID is used to control the hardware -- frequency, mode, etc.

When I plug it into the Raspberry Pi 2 running virtualhere server, the audio part shows up as a "microphone". The virtualhere client on the laptop sees it as a FunCube dongle. Device Manager on the laptop running the client sees it as a microphone. I can't tell if the laptop is seeing the HID or not.

Looking at properties in Device Manager is not showing me any differences, other than the name above.

Running the HDSDR radio software, I see audio noise on the audio spectrum analyzer, I see nothing on the RF spectrum analyzer, frequency display, mode, or any other selections.

The symptoms suggest that the connection between the laptop and the FunCube dongle is not fully transparent; I cannot tell WHAT is happening with the HID.

More likely, there are some additional settings I need to make. Is there any further diagnostics I can do to troubleshoot this? Any OTHER ideas?

wb4gcs [at] (wb4gcs[at]amsat[dot]org)


Does your pi server have an external ip i can access. Perhaps i can login and connect with my client here and log the messages and see what is details if possible to mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com)