Any idea how to fix "Error 2 reading device descriptors"

Any idea how to fix "Error 2 reading device descriptors"


vhusbdmipselsf: >>> Starting v2.2.5 (Built: May 4 2015, 14:23:49)<<<
vhusbdmipselsf: Warning, cannot lookup the exe path, No such file or directory (defaulti)
vhusbdmipselsf: Creating default configuration /tmp/root/config.ini
vhusbdmipselsf: Serial:
vhusbdmipselsf: Server licensed to=unlicensed max_devices=1
vhusbdmipselsf: Using small URB's
vhusbdmipselsf: TCPServer starting...
vhusbdmipselsf: Listening on all network interfaces at port 7575
vhusbdmipselsf: TCPServer (7575) started
vhusbdmipselsf: Callback: VirtualHere USB Sharing_vhusb_tcplocal Name Registered
vhusbdmipselsf: 192.168.x.x connected
usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 2
vhusbdmipselsf: Error 2 reading device descriptors (/sys//devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:04.y



Ah ok, yes that linux is pretty old, although virtualhere doesnt depend on the linux version usually, it seems this version is so old that is its missing important device files that either were turned of in this build linux or were not introduced until a later linux version. So virtualhere wont work with this build. You will need a later linux build...if this is a router or something you may be out of luck if its a stock firmware. My router uses and old linux build like this and virtualhere works but i think they are using something closer to stock.