Share Raspberry Pi over Internet

I am trying to share my Raspberry Pi Hub over the internet. I've open some ports in my router, but I'm not sure what port is the one I need, besides I am using no-ip for dynamic DNS service, but still can't get it to work, any ideas?


You need port 7575.

Then in the client you would right click USB Hubs -> Specify Hubs -> Then enter the IP address there.


is it necesary to have avahi-daemon? I'm trying to install it my pi, but it doesn't let me


It is not necessary,

1. Make sure the vhusbdpi is stopped on your pi
2. Edit config.ini an change the line to
3. Start your vhusbpi server again
4. It wont use avahi you will need specify the hub address in your clients manually.


I've been trying to connect over the internet through port 7575 and still can't get it to work. Is this because I'm using the free version?


The free version can be connected to over the internet. There is no limitation.

You need to make sure you have port 7575 open in your firewall. I connect over the internet to virtualhere on the pi all the time with no problems. Im sure its your network setup which is blocking your port.