El Capitan Client Support

Is there an estimate on when El Capitan will be supported by the usb client?



No sorry, i dont know, im still waiting for apple to give documentation to me. i lodged a bug report back on aug 20th and its still open...


Ah, okay. Thanks for replying! I really appreciate your time.

Out of curiosity, what kind of documentation do you need? I thought they had already released all the El Capitan developer tools.


Documentation for the object passed to the IOUSBHostDevice constructor...


VirutalHere needs to work in the driver stack below IOUSBHostInterface and that is the documentation apple has not yet released. I asked apple last week when its going to be ready they said "At this time, there isn't any new information available for this issue. I have checked with engineering. The issue is still under investigation, and there is no resolution available yet."...


Hi Michael,

do you think it is possible to put pressure on Apple? Do you have a reference person and or an issue number? We could try to send several requests and see if they answer.


its free to lodge at bugreport.apple.com so if you want you can, it is probably better than nothing because at least you can see when they do finally fix it...


Checking bugreport.apple.com just then my issue is listed at duplicate of "21645036 (Open)" so i think that is the id to use.


I can't find it cause you didn't post it on openradar nor did the other person(s) before you but I'll still go ahead and add a new one :) I'll ask for an updated example of their usb sample kexts


Im pretty sure you cannot post bugs of pre-release Apple software in radar thats why its not in that system. But now its released its probably ok to post in there also.



I saw that the SUB stack has been modified to support a bit the old one. I tested printers and UMS devices, both seems to work fine on 10.11.4, probably even earlier versions. I'd like to share an Apple TV for dev purposes, connected to a ReadyNAS. It seems that the modifications Apple did were authorize you to edit the list of usb host controllers, and for some devices it won't look for devices under a specific kind of host (AppleUSBHostController ?). I may be wrong but it doesn't seem like they're gonna be doing a full back port of the old stack anytime soon, not allow more advanced usb devices types to be used if connected to an old fashioned host controller. That may seems stupid but have you tried creating a IOUSBHostDevice with a NULL or an existing AppleUSBHostController?


The problem with IOUSBHostDevice and AppleUSBController is there is no documentation anywhere about them so im not sure how to fill in the appropriate functions to implement USB over IP. Since those classes are there, im hoping apple gives documentation soon... then i can retrofit into the new classes.


Yes i filed a bug report with apple on 20th August 2015 and they told me they know about this "bug" regarding the missing documentation and said they will close my bug as its a "Duplicate of 21645036 (Open)" checked just then and its still open 27th Mar 2016