Windows 7 Client vhhub.sys memory leak

Hi there,
first of all: A great piece of Software!

I have the VH client running on my mini homeserver to extend a vcp USB Device of a raspberry pi.
But I had to notice that my server (that is optimized for 24/7 usage) is getting slower and slower - until after arround 2 days I have to hardreset it because it has gotten so slow that it wouldn't even restart while producing a lot of critical application errors.
The processor usage is at 1% - but the memory has run out.

So I used poolmon.exe from the WDK and figured out that the vhhub.sys is consuming a vast amount of non-paged memory.
Every 5 seconds it gains about 92000 Bytes but is never releasing any of it again. (3 GB free Workspace @18,5 kb/s => full in ~ 47 hours)

Does anyone have the same issues?
Is there a fix for my OS (Win 7 x64)?

Thank you
Greets Huelke


Hi Huelke, Thanks for your detailed feedback. I will try to find the leak and let you know when its fixed... Michael


Great, thanks for your support.

If I can help you in any way, please let me know.

Here is a screenshot of my poolman:

I noticed that not only the vhhub.sys' memory usage does grow over the time, there is also a tag called "Io" that grows along with your driver.
If I stop the vhui64.exe process, the "Io" tag frees a big amount of it's blocked memory and stops growing, so i think it is related to your driver aswell?