Swap printers randomly on 2 x Rpi 2servers and win client after restart

Hi there :)

I deal with the development of application and i'm facing with a strange thing ... Perhaps this is normal?

Two Rpi2 acting like servers (linux) and hosting one thermal kiosk printers both of them.

When I restart system (win64 10 client) and two RPI 2 servers with printers, windows client machine swap printers. Printer that is installed as a printer_one on RPI server printing on the second and vice versa .... When I take a look on printer settings and ports looks just fine but print goes to the wrong server... Sometime after restart it works like it was configured... just fine and sometimes up side down.

So, i'm planning to add one more Rpi2 server with thermal printer (all together 3) and thinking to add coin validator...and so on...

All 3 printers are the same, working normally.
Is it there some config (or help) to stick installed device/ports to devices?

Thx Peter.


My guess is that the printers are identical, so there is no way to determine which one is "first" to connect. Can you right click on the printer in the virtualhere client and check the "Serial" number, is it the same serial number as the other printer?

The virtualhere client finds virtualhere servers on the network in a random order. So its not known which server will be connected to first