Service not adding hub in Windows 10

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Service not adding hub in Windows 10

I've installed VirtualHere as a service without Bonjour using -b and am able to run vhui64.exe -t help just fine, and -t list gives me the current status, but I cannot connect to the same hub that I was using prior to installing as a service by running:
vhui64.exe -t use,
I simply get ERROR: Invalid Address

The Windows firewall is off for troubleshooting, and I can ping and ssh to the hub just fine.

What am I doing wrong?


You need to add the hub like this

vhui64.exe -t "MANUAL HUB ADD,address"

then do vhui64.exe -t "LIST" and see if it shows it connected.

If it shows it then it will show the list of devices then you just use the device by its address which is in brackets

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