Many moving devices


before starting to evaluate: wanted to ask if there is such a use-case and wether this sounds to be realisitic to be solved with VH:
- many (up to 32 per server!) USB devices (handheld radios) should be programmed/configured over USB
- the vendor-software (it's three vendors and different types of devices) is a little crappy but works on native USB2-ports
- devices are programmed in parallel, not that much bandwidth (CDC ACM and FT232R)
- I *have* to use a Windows 81-VM inside a Virtualbox environment, which leads me to limitations (no more than 8/16/18 devices in vbox and obvious latency/reconnect troubles)
- during updating/flashing, the radio changes USB state (disconnects and reconnects three times as a different device type.. ugly..)
- it's getting worse: the unique devices get swapped out by users as soon as finished, plugging in another one with another id/serial etc..

The idea/prerequisites:
- use a Raspi or Alix/APU (or whatever suits) as VH server and the Win81 VM as client.
- 100M LAN connection, no other hosts on this subnet.
- dedicated for this purpose

So the questions:
- Is VH capable handling 32 USB-devices at all ?
- which change state three times during this
- auto-reconnect them to the client in a timely fashion ?

If it works, I'd need some hundred raspis and VH-licenses :)



This is supported (flashing an iPad does similar things regarding device rebooting mulitiple times, appearing as a different device etc)

But its tricky, you need to use a device with a good kernel support. I recommend a beaglebone black rather than a pi because the ethernet interface is not shared with the usb ports and the kernel support from texas instruments is very good (Install the TI-SDK on the board ( Buy one beaglebone black and a virtualhere unlimited license give it a try with the 32 devices. If you need any help email mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com) . We may need to use the "ClaimPorts=1" setting in the server configuration...