Client won't connect to server

I'm running the server on a Raspberry Pi with default parameters. Runs fine with no error messages.
Running client on Windows 10 using static Raspberry address port 7575.
I have port 7575 open on my routers firewall and turned off my Norton Security firewall.
I get the msg on the client "connecting to usb hub" but it doesn't connect. Msg goes away and comes back periodically.
I can't think of anything else to try.
Any ideas?


Can you paste in here what is in the Client -> USB Hubs->System Messages... when these errors occur


Thanks anyway. Never mind. I just figured it out. It was a Raspberry firewall problem.


I spoke to soon. I finally can connect but can't install drivers.
15:44:09 INFO :VirtualHere Client 4.1.1 starting (Compiled: May 16 2017 18:48:42)
15:44:09 INFO :Using config at C:\Users\aposner\AppData\Roaming\vhui.ini
15:44:09 INFO :IPC available at \\.\pipe\vhclient
15:44:09 INFO :No drivers found, they will be installed
15:44:19 INFO :SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces failed
15:44:19 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, Invalid window handle. (0x00000578)



My guess is norton is blocking the virtualhere client from popping up the driver installation window?


The installation window does pop up and it appears to install but I still get error message. I have Norton "autoprotection" off.


Did it popup another windows saying "VirtualHere HCD Enumerator"? That appears after the driver has installed


No it didn't. I do get a window that says "the drivers were successfully installed on this computer", followed by another window that says "the virtuahere client drivers could not be installed." I also tried installing from "safe mod" (Norton not loaded at all) with same result.


OK, i still think its your norton but anyway you can do this

1. open a command prompt and type vhui64.exe -x
2. Go to the directory it says then run vhenum.exe


The first time I ran vhenum.exe (from the command line) I got this: "Error, a root-enumerated HCD device has been created, but there are no drivers to bind!"
When I tried again from the windows file manager nothing happened.


Try running dpinsts.exe first, then vhenum.exe afterwards from that directory


No change. It looks like drivers are installed but either they are not or the client doesn't recognize they are installed and tries to install them again.
Any other ideas?
Thanks for your patience.


Im out of ideas, its something with your pc i think...


I was finally able to successfully install the driver via the device manager window.


OK thanks for the info, thats very strange, as i havent heard of this issue before, but if it happens again with someone else at least i know the workaround!


I am facing the exact same issue on Windows 10 insider build 16199 with Bitdefender as antivirus.
But the best state I get is an unknow device in device manager and trying to provide it a driver manualy fails. :(

#17 mistake : I had a old install and the client was already trying to reach a manualy entered IP server.
I guess that it prevented the automatic search to find the new server.
But now after I select a USB device on the client, it open the driver install windows, say driver is already installed then hang.
I will try to uninstall driver to see how it goes.


Hows it going? All working now?