Failed to start DNSServiceBrowse, error -65568


I've installed the Win32 version of the VirtualHere Windows client on Windows 7 to connect to my Raspberry Pi running Debian Wheezy (Soft Float). I did this install yesterday on my Pi and my Windows Client found the VirtualHere Server on my Pi with no great!

Then this morning I reflashed my Pi and did not re-install the VirtualHere Server on it yet.

It was then that I noticed that we started to receive every minute or so an error message on our Windows 7 computer:

Failed to start DNSServerBrowse, error -65568

What's odd is that we didn't notice that these messages were popping up until I started to work on the computer a few hours later. By that time I had hundreds if not thousands of these little windows with the error message on my screen.

I'm testing the use of VirtualHere on my home system before I drop it into our office (and buy licenses) so I'd like ensure I fully understand what happened with this error and why it happened. I can understand my Windows Client not finding the VirtualHere Server since it's not running now, but what does this error mean.

My major concern is I don't want this volume of error showing up on our Workstations if the connection is lost for whatever reason to the Raspberry Pi VirtualHere Server. Our userbase is very computer illiterate and the volume of these error messages will drive them crazy.

Does the Windows Client of VirtualHere start when the computer starts by using a service? I can't find a service with that name installed on our Windows computer.

Any information you can give me on this error would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi Gravatte,

I think there are three issues here.

1. Your bonjour has crashed. I use the standard apple bonjour system and i think their browser server crashed.
2. VirtualHere tries to connect to the bonjour system every 30 seconds or so and since its crashed the bonjour system returns an error.
3. VirtualHere takes this error message in and displays it in a popup.

To resolve this issue

1. Uninstall Bonjour from Programs and Features in windows
2. Download version 1.6.2 of the client from This version will log bonjour errors to the "System Messages" dialog instead of popping up a dialog each time there is an error.
3. Run version 1.6.2 of the client and it will install bonjour again.

If you still find the same issues are occuring, you have some other software issue which is conflicting with bonjour. Perhaps a permission problem.



I did as you suggested and uninstalled Bonjour Service from my Windows 7 laptop. In fact I also found in my Add/Remove Programs list 4 versions of VirtualHere installed. I've been testing your software and installing the new Client software on my laptop for a while now. To be safe I removed all version of VirtualHere from my laptop and re-installed the latest version. I noticed that when I connected my laptop to my Raspberry Pi and the USB device on the Pi, Bonjour didn't install on my windows laptop It wasn't until I used the option to Auto scan for Hubs that Bonjour installed.

It then dawned on me that the reason I had this Failed to start DNSServerBrowse, error -65568 error message was because I had left the Auto Scan feature on my client. Now that I've re-installed Bonjour and updated my client everything is working once again.

I probably won't be using the Auto scan feature. I know which Pi to connect too and will add that Pi to the configuration.

Thanks for your help. This issue can be marked as resolved now.

Thank you.


I am using the virtualhere server as a dongle server. Yesterday this message showed up on one client machine:

"Failed to start DNSServiceBrowse, error -65568"
"Failed to start DNSServiceBrowse, error -65568"
"Failed to start DNSServiceBrowse, error -65568"
"Failed to start DNSServiceBrowse, error -65568"

This morning all other users had lost their connection to their dongles. After rebooting the server, all was fine again.

Since more than one client was affected my guess is that the problem is not (only?) on the client but (also?) on the server.

Just before posting this on the forum, the same client started logging the messages again:
"Failed to start DNSServiceBrowse, error -65568"
"Failed to start DNSServiceBrowse, error -65568"
"Failed to start DNSServiceBrowse, error -65568"

I disabled the "Auto Find Hubs" option and the messages stopped. So far(after another 24 hours) all is working fine.

Just a thought. Could the "rogue client" be causing the server to crash when the "Auto Find Hubs" option is enabled?


Yes if you turn off auto-find those messages will definitely stop because it does not use bonjour.

The rogue client will not cause the server to crash because the lookup services are handled by completely separate processes (avahi-daemon on the server, and mDNSResponder.exe on the client). I.e the client <-> server do not communicate lookup information between them directly.

What i think is happening is on that client, the mDNSResponder.exe process is not responding maybe due to the network going down or a bug in Bonjour. I suggest leaving auto-find off on the problematic client.