Need help setting this up android sever to liquidsky computer

Hi guys so I want to be able to use my valve steam controller on liquidsky so I ordered this for $50(the controller reads as two devices and I might want other stuff added in the future) I tried enabling reverse connection tried with various ip addresses(they keep changing) I can not get the client to pick up my phone at all.
My setup is:
-a galaxy s8 phone on Verizon network.
-Liquidsky cloud computer running Windows 10 2016 server 64bit version.
- Valve Steam Controller
-OTG piece to use usb on the phone.

How do I get this wonderful software to work? A person named Michael is trying to help however; I'm here searching for a solution. I've gotten a few apps to work on liquidsky using ip addresses and passwords(remotr, kainy, vr streaming), But the hub doesn't even show up in the client.....


I think the easiest way will be to put your liquid sky ip address in as a reverse client in the virtualhere android app. On the liquidsky pc, start the virtualhere client and right click USB Hubs->Advanced and check "Allow Reverse Clients" and the android server should reach out and connect to the client on your liquidsky pc.


I tried but it just doesn't work at all. I just don't know if I'm doing anything wrong or if the client isn't working because I know the usb server works...just don't know how to connect them together. If there was a video or at least pictures of what I'm trying to setup that would help greatly!


OK im not sure, basically it just runs over port 7575 so if that doesnt work perhaps your provider verizon has it blocked ? Im happy to give you a refund as we cant seem to get it to work... let me know


Before we do that is there any other port I can use or some sort of 3rd party to connect you software?


OK, actually you could try an android vpn and run the other side of the vpn on the liquidsky computer. Then you can just put in the ip address the vpn allocates to the android device into the virtualhere client running in the liquidsky pc


Thank you for your help Michael. I really do appriciate it. My apologies for the late response. So it turns out my provider (verizon) blocks ports and I would need a business account($500.00) in order to have a static Ip and it's not an add-on feature to my current account. Liquidsky on the other end blocks vpns.


OK early next year im adding a new feature to virtualhere to make it easier to connect without using a VPN, ive only written about 30% of it but keep a check on this website for updates about this.


Thanks; Will do bro. I hope it comes around soon. That controller just collects dust....


Quick question in regards to keeping a lookout on the site. Should I continue to look in the support forum or announcements forum or the homepage? Where do I go for development updates?


Hey Michael. i've been away for a while and subscribed to the post(however I don't know what I'm reading about exactly) Any workaround yet or should I wait for Oreo to be release to the s8 if that helps?


Ive now finished writing the NAT traversal feature and im just testing things over the next week. So far it seems to work well. I connected a virtualhere server to my mobile phone and typed in an "EasyFind" key and it automatically connected to my home virtualhere client and i could use usb devices .

I hope to get this out late next week or the week after.

( The NAT traversal feature will only be available in the purchased version of the virtualhere server)


*edit* looking at my receipt for my s8 and the license key didn't add up and found out I purchased it for my s5 two weeks prior. Is there anyway to carryover my license key to my current phone(s8)without having to shell out an extra $50?


Sure, install the new server. Start the virtualhere client, then when you see the new server listed, right click USB Hubs->License...->Copy to clipboard and paste into an email to me at mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com)


I appreciate your patience with finding a solution to my problem and dedication to not only your product but to me your customer. I was finally able to get it to work today and for that you have my profound gradititude. Thank you so much b!


OK great, glad its all working now!