There was an Error Using this Device

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There was an Error Using this Device

Hi There

our company is very pleased to find your product, if it works as described, we will require many licences

I have paid for a full licence

I have downloaded and installed

VIRTUALHERE SERER and installed on a Windows 10 Desktop
VIRTUALHERE Client on a MS Surface Pro 3

The USB device we wish to use with your software is recognized by server and appearsto connect with no errors ( Log)

On the client machine USB HUB is visible , as is the USB Device


As soon as I click on " USE THIS DEVICE" I receive an error " There was an error using this device"

If I view server and client logs , you can see the errors, the obviously they mean nothing to me , so we I require your help

I have uploaded logs to One Drive

Here are links

Server Log!AkOw8B60zdNqhG8EGyQiYA3fgfl3
Client Log!AkOw8B60zdNqhG8EGyQiYA3fgfl3

I am also providing a link to the windows 10 Device driver for the USB Device!AkOw8B60zdNqhSlzeNr1Xds07bUd

Looking forward to your response , and hopefully a swift fix, so we can move on through the evalaution

Tony Raftis


Hi Tony, Yes just a follow up for forum readers, you need to use the linux virtualhere server for your device. Email me when you have the linux server and ill send you another license key.

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