VirtualHere client on Windows 10 Version 1803 (OS Build 17133.1)


I recently upgraded my Windows 10 PC to the "Spring Creators Update," which is going to be released soon. I found that after the upgrade, my VH client stopped connecting to the server running on my Nvidia Shield TV.

Under the "USB Hubs" node on the client, I periodically see the message "Connecting to USB hub..." but it never completes.

I tried the client on a different (non-upgraded) Windows 10 PC, and it connects to the server just fine.

Finally, I enabled reverse connections on my upgraded PC, and then connected to the client from the server on the Shield TV. Now it works again - yea!

However, the "Connecting to USB hub..." periodic message persists in my client, despite the successful reverse connection. Here is a screenshot:

Is this a known issue with the new Windows 10 build, or did I happen upon something else coincidentally?




Update: I upgraded the working PC, and it then stopped connecting to the server as well. Upon further inspection, the client was trying to connect to the name 'android.local' on port 7575, which wasn't resolving. After adding a HOSTS file entry for 'android.local' and the IP address of my Shield TV, the client then connected.

I did the same on my main PC, and the client also twice, because I still have the reverse client connection running.


OK thanks for the detailed info. I havent tried virtualhere on spring update yet. Il will test this in the coming days. Actually the "android.local" lookup is provided by bonjour service running in windows. VirtualHere gets the android.local. name from bonjour then it attempts to resolve the name to an ip address using the windows dns resolver system. This in theory has a hook to the bonjour system that will resolve that name to the ip address. My guess is something is not right with that hook. However im not sure until i test here...


Bonjour...that makes sense! I didn't realize the VH client used it, as it wasn't installed as part of it (Bonjour was already installed on both computers, due to Apple software already being on them). Does the VH client prompt to install Bonjour if not present? Perhaps the version of Bonjour is significant?


A little more weirdness...after a service restart, now the client is trying to connect to Android-2.local instead, so the HOSTS entry would have to be updated to match, for the workaround to succeed. The trick is right-clicking on the "Connecting to USB hub..." message when it appears, clicking "Properties," and noting the value in the ADDRESS field.

If I weren't using the reverse connection thing, this would be driving me nuts ;)


OK i gave this a test and see the issue. Seems this version of windows has broken bonjour.

Anyway easy fix - just uninstall bonjour from the Apps and Features menu in windows then run virtualhere again.

Bonjour will be reinstalled and it works again


Confirmed that uninstalling Bonjour, then letting VH client re-install it sorts it out.

Here's something else this version of Windows breaks (at least on my system) - System Tray icons being visible. After a gamestream or [incoming] RDP session, the "space between" the System Tray icons will be reduced, and many of them will be missing from view (albeit still running). Case in point - I just launched the VH client (it's also running as a service), and its System Tray icon appeared briefly before being hidden. Now when I click the carrot to show the icons, the VH icon isn't there to click, yet there are two vmui64.exe processes running - one for SYSTEM (the service) and one for my user account (in the tray).

I did report the System Tray weirdness to MS via the Feedback Hub, but who knows if those ever get looked at. Thanks Microsoft!


Yes i wouldnt worry too much about these beta builds of windows because usually this stuff is fixed when its released officially.


This version of Windows is the one being generally released beginning on Tuesday, which is why I was/am concerned about it :(


Allegedly build 17134.1 will be the "RTM" of Windows 10 Version 1803. The Bonjour problem is still present on it - had to uninstall/reinstall Bonjour for discovery to work.


Ok thanks for letting me know, it's apples software hopefully they fix the issue