Unbearable lag when using Gamecube controller through Adapter+SteamLink.

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Unbearable lag when using Gamecube controller through Adapter+SteamLink.

I can't use VirtualHere with a Mayflash Gamecube adapter without it having sever lag spiking.

As seen here: https://puu.sh/Atem4/cc1cdaa1aa.png
Text related here: https://puu.sh/Atenn/f7a4f57bf1.txt

For some reason this lag only occurs when I use the gamecube controller with the adapter on the steam link, I can use the exact same game, exact same steam link with a different controller and different adapter and it works perfectly fine. The Gamecube controller and Adapter both work perfectly fine on my computer as well, so that leads me to believe it's something to do with the VirtualHere software, I've been trying and trying to get it to work, as well as trying to use the controller without this software but then the steam link fails to recognize that it's a controller at all.

I'm not sure hot to bug report on the forums so if I'm missing information necessary, as long as you let me know how to access and provide such information.

Any help is appreciated.


Not much can be done. I think it is a CPU limitation in the steam link.

Looking at the graph it seems to fill a buffer of some sort and then after a certain time the buffer is flushed. I suspect that buffer should not be filling like that, but its happening because the steam link cpu is falling behind with all the data processing of the signal for that game controller.

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