Bluetooth functionality

I’m trying to use Virtualhere to use two bluetooth controllers with a RPi (cliebt) and windows pc (server). ultimately, i’d like to play games via moonlight. it seems to work very well, but facing two problems:

1) I’ve installed VH on my windows computer. unfortunately, every time i connect one of the controller with the RPi, a pop-up comes up that it successfully connected. this pop-up is not only annoying, but also doesn’t play well with moonlight (changes active window). is it possible to stop this pop-up?

2) i’m currently connecting my bluetooth controllers via a bluetooth dongle of the rpi. is it possible to instead use VH to pass-through the bluetooth controllers if connected directly with the rpi bluetooth receiver? or is VH only for usb dongles, but not for directly connected bluetooth devices?

Thanks in advance!


1. What does the popup say?

2. No, only for dongles


Thanks for your immediate response. I am fine to stay with the Dongle then.

The pop-up is not per se bad. It just shows that the client connected with the server (just the overview what VH client connects with the VH server). So, it is a positive confirmation. However, it takes focus away from Steam. I have a headless, controller only setup, so this does not work for me.


You mean the trial msg?


I am not home yet. Maybe that's what it is. It shows up once I connect. If that's the trial message, I assume it cannot be deactivated unless I buy the full version?


Yes, it is the pop-up of the trial. Can this be deactivated. I am only using one USB device for now.


Yes if you buy it :)