3G Modem - Error


I am trying to get a 3G USB Modem to work using VirtualHere for sending Text Messages from a Window 2008 Virtual Machine.

It successfully installs the drivers and connects, however when trying to send a text message, I just get "Unknown Error" response.

This has successfully worked using a Silex USB SX-3000GB Server.

Modem: Huawei Mobile Connect (0x12D1 0x1003)

Does the debug show any logs when using the device? or only connect/disconnect.



Jeremy, can you do the following:

1. Download usblyzer.com and install and start it, then go to Capture -> Capture Settings and tick everything
2. Then click ok, then start
3. Plug your dongle in, then use it via virtualhere and try to send a message
4. Stop usblyzer and send me the ulz file.


This dongle will not work at the moment with virtualhere because it needs a special enumeration which is not yet supported.