After update QNAP virtual USB does not work

Hi I had update the QNAP to version Virtual USB does not work any longer.
The client does not find the virtualUSB server.


I reinstalled the software and it works again.


After few days I have to reinstall the software. Otherwise the client does not found the server.

Can you fix this ?


Hello Michael,

this is was I did every some days: install the latest version.
But some days later the client does not found the server. I reinstalled the software and then the client found the server.


If/when it happens again can you open QNAP QTS in your webbrowser and go to App Center->Virtualhere and see if the app is running. Im thinking it might be crashing and stopping. IF its says stopped, start it again from there.

Could could you have a look in the /var/log/vhusbd.txt file on your qnap and see if it shows the vhusbd process crashing?


Hello Michael,

in vhusbd.txt I found this :

Tue Nov 6 17:59:22 2018 LOG_ERR VirtualHere 3.7.8 caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault) and must exit. Sorry for the inconvenience, please contact mail@virtualhere for help

Can you help me ?


What model is your QNAP?




Ok i notice that QTS build 20181110 came out yesterday with a whole bunch of fixes. Could you upgrade to that and see if its resolved