RPi 3B CloudHub - Use of WiFi dongle

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RPi 3B CloudHub - Use of WiFi dongle


I am considering using my RPi 3B (not +) as a USB hub for my MacBook Pro.

For the time being, I am evaluating the CloudHub image, and I have discovered that I have a better and more consistent latency using an ethernet connection rather than WiFi.

I think I would achieve better results using an external WiFi dongle than the onboard one, but I am not sure if the CloudHub image allows to use such an adapter. I suspect this is not the case 'out of the box', since I can only choose to scan for 2.4 GHz networks, whereas my adapter can use both 2.4 and 5 GHz.

So, my question: is it possible to use an USB WiFi adapter with the CloudHub image? By SSHing in the CloudHub?
Or would it be simpler to use a regular raspbian distribution and to set up things by hand? (not a problem for me - I can afford to live without the ease of use of your admin interface).

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If you want to use your own wifi dongle you will need to use raspbian and compile in the driver for the specific chipset of the wifi dongle. Try to use a dongle with decent linux support e.g the realtek 8812au

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