DS4 Controllers not reconnecting (Bluetooth dongle RPi to Win7)

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DS4 Controllers not reconnecting (Bluetooth dongle RPi to Win7)

Due to the way my room is set up I wanted to move the BT dongle i use to connect my DualShock4 controllers to my PC for Gamestream purposes to my Raspi3 under my TV instead of on my Desktop PC in the corner.

The Dongle is a LogiLink BT0037 [registers in Windows as CSR8510 A10] and works perfectly with 3 controllers at once, reconnection to the PC and Inputmapper happening without fuss if plugged into the PC

But running it over VirtualHere, its a pure mess. Pairing works 1/4 of the time, reconnecting is impossible except by means of Re-Pairing and to top it off once a stutters at any point, the connection is lost and I can go re-pair for the next 5-10 minutes if i wanna keep playing.

It's somewhat frustrating, since multiple People have problems keeping their controllers connected to the PC at the far end due to the range limits of Bluetooth and well, VH doesnt seem a viable options with my current experience.

I've tried the onReset flag, rebooting and whatnot but the controller simply refuses to be rediscovered once disconnected.

Is it a hardware problem? The dongle loads ~4-5 Drivers upon being stuck into the PC, every time it's reconnected, but over VH it supposedly 'just works' no drivers... the Raspbian recognizes the Dongle and it's BT capability as soon as it's stuck in... Are there reported cases of other dongles working as intended?

My theory is that, the way VH handles BT dongles, Windows cant or wont or doesnt think it needs to install the appropritate drivers for use, since its plugged somewhere else - Or that my Dongle is unsuited for this type of use due to it's driver dependency.

Any help or input is appreciated!

Kind Regards


Virtualhere on the pi with a bluetooth dongle should work fine. Are you connected using an ethernet cable on the pi? You definately need to use that. You cannot use the wifi on the pi with a bluetooth dongle, it sends too much data and the wifi range on the pi is pathetic.

If you are using ethernet then im not sure of the issue other than there is some interference somewhere

Also you really need to be using win10 now as win7 support will be ending soon.

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