Bind error with Arduino MEGA

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Bind error with Arduino MEGA


I'm trying to connect a Arduino MEGA with a ATMEGA2560 chip to my Virtual Here USB server running on Mac OS in order to then forward it to a windows PC. On the Windows machine it is discovered as a USB2.0-Serial device, but none of my programs discover the Arduino properly. Additionally, my USB server on the Mac is giving me errors like the ones below:

Sep 21 16:13:34 MBP vhusbdosx[6684] : captureDevicePrepare: USBDeviceOpenSeize error kIOReturnExclusiveAccess (exclusive access) at IOService:/IOResources/AppleUSBHostResources/AppleUSBLegacyRoot/AppleUSBXHCI@14000000/USB2.0-Serial@14300000
Sep 21 16:13:34 MBP vhusbdosx[6684] : Error binding device 338690048 [1a86:7523] to connection 5, BIND_ERROR

What can I do in order to get rid of this error and to make the Arduino appear properly on the (remote) Windows client?



Unfortunately osx is holding on to the device, if you can use a linux server / embedded board (or windows) instead that will resolve the issue

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