Wrong random Product/Vendor IDs

I have a QNAP NAS (412, ARM based) and a Mac OS 10.9.3. Using VirtualHere I can connect devices (WesternDigital external USB drives in my case), but Mac fails to recognise them.

I observed that in the system log the very same usb device changes its Product and Vendor IDs every time I start/stop using it with VirtualHere's client. What can be the problem?


I will take a look at this, I will recompile virtualhere with the latest xcode and let you know when it is ready...


Yeah i think this is a bug in osx. I traced the issue and virtualhere is sending back the correct data but when osx takes the data it corrupts it. This appears to only happen on a small number of osx machines. I have lodged a bug report with apple several months ago for this but have not heard back yet. Hopefully its a bug and it can be fixed....will let you know when i hear more from apple.