Has graduated pricing been considered?

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Has graduated pricing been considered?

Fifty bucks to switch from free to paid seems a little stiff considering one might be doing something like sharing a UPS GPS between a couple of devices and is simply getting tired of always shutting down one's access to bring another active. Any thoughts to make the license graduated and tied to use or number of devices?


I guess you have not seen how much my competitors charge :)

If anything i need to greatly increase the price of even the basic virtualhere. Take a look at competitors like eltima or fabulatech or others. They want at least 149 for one device with limited trial for a worse product

At some point I will probably increase the price in a graduated manner but it will be at least what it is now.

(I like working on virtualhere and having many 10's thousands of users so thats why ive kept the price low and my costs are low as i do no marketing.)

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