nVidia Shield network goes down

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nVidia Shield network goes down

Hello there,

I'm a fresh newbie with VirtualHere. I wanted to use it with nvidia shield vs pc gaming, mostly for Race Car games.
I install the server on the shield
I install the client on the pc.
(bought the license)
I connect my Logitech G29
I start the gamestream or steam link.
I connect my pc

then the network goes down.

I checked my pc, my switch my firewall.

The issue is quite stupid.
There is a conflich with the virtualhere server on the shield and the client on the pc.

As soon as the client is running, the shield network goes down even crash the device itself.

Hope you can help.




Hi Laurent,

Could you

1. Uninstall the virtualhere app from the sheild
2. Install it again
3. Run it by double clicking the app and then it might ask permission to access your wheel, if so allow
4. Run the virtualhere client (make sure USB Hubs->Auto-Find is checked)
5. The Android Hub should appear with your wheel listed underneath
6. Right lcick on the wheel and select Use

Does it still drop, or does it now work ok?

(We are bypassing steam)

Also make sure your wheel is plugged into the power point as well, not just the usb cable.

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