This server trail has expired


I did just buy my QNAP NAS, and have it up and running for about two weeks.. But today i saw VirtualHere and want to try it out. So i installed it through the App Center and downloaded the client and start to install my device.
But here is the strange thing, when i try to add my USB device i get a error message thats saws that my server trail has expired..
Say what, i have never installed VirtualHere on my NAS before, how can that expired then??

Jonas Byström


That sounds like a bug, can you send me the file /share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/VirtualHere/config.ini to my email at mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com)

Ive been getting a few reports of a TS 469 that does that...i will fix it after i investigate the issue. Do you have a ts469?

I have a QNap TS 419 PII.
I discovered virtualhere and installed it.
Never used, until I tried it yesterday, but not working.
I'll get a error message that the trial license is expired.
I never used the app before, only one usb dongle connected, client installed on 2 pc's

can you help me


I have this issue as well.

I am in the process of setting up a TS-670 (FW 4.1.0, although I am testing different versions). I have never used the feature, although have checked the FAQ a few times (via the menu on the NAS).

I thought that maybe a reboot (both NAS & client) might help, but still receive 'Trial Expired' message.

I would like to test this with 2 devices, and two different client scenarios before purchase. It looks to be exactly what I need.


I checked and found that version 2.4.5 was installed (the only version offered by QNAP for my model). No updates were offered.

I removed this version, installed 2.6.7 from your website, and the error message persists (Mac client OS X 10.10).


OK, i can send you another trial key if you email me at mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com) your serial number by right clicking USB Hubs-> License -> Copy to clipboard...

I dont have control over QNAP's servers so i have to wait for them to update their site. They got my update for 2.6.5 before christmas so i expect they will put it on their website soon.


I recently got a QNAP TS 451 and am trying to test Virtual here. I get the trial expired message without having ever trying it.


@glenn98827 I sent an email to you