LAN Port use on GL-iNet units

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LAN Port use on GL-iNet units

Is there a use for the LAN port on the GL-AR150 or the GL-MT300N-V2? I know WAN is used for incoming internet connection, but is there a way to enable the LAN port as an internal switch or anything to get internet out of the unit? I have it configured as part of an existing network just DHCP. Thanks.


No for that you need to just use a normal openwrt build (or the original firmware that comes from gl-inet for the GLMT300nv2 or ar150 then use gl-inet webpage or if using just openwrt the program is "luci" and that will allow you to configure exactly the network configuration you need.

The VirtualHere cloudhub has the minimal amount of utilities required to run cloudhub (to minimize memory/download and flash space) and it doesn't have the extra utilities like luci to make custom configuration easy.

If you decide to run the normal gl-inet firmware you can still run virtualhere. Just ssh to the gl-inet device after you flash the gl-inet firmware, then wget the mips big endian virtualhere server and run it manually. using ./vhusbdmips -b

Later on you can create an init.d script to auto-start the virtualhere server when your gl-inet boots

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