USB DVD writer via VirtualHere does not work - Causes?


I just tried to check whether VirtualHere works for me with the following device: I installed it (that means: the evaluation version) on a Synology NAS device and connected a USB DVD/CD writer to it with the intention to use it over the network. Technically, it is a rather old one and consists of an IDE/ATAPI DVD writer in a housing with a USB/IDE bridge. (Sorry; I do not have a vendor/device ID available)

Directly connected to a computer this works just fine. However, when accessed over VirtualHere it always behaves as if it would have an unreadable disk inside (tried only reading yet, not writing).

Is there anything obvious I need to take into account if I want to make it work? Or how could I try to hunt the problem down?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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What model is the synology? To write a dvd in real-time via usb you will need a fast synology and network. I have noticed that the synology kernel has some bugs which prevent some devices working with virtualhere. If you have a fast synology and it still is not working i suspect this is the problem.


The Synology is a DS212+, and for the problem to occur I even didn't try to write, I just tried to read a simple CDs and (software) DVDs. If this is indeed due to the Synology Kernel, then I probably do not have a chance.

But neverless thanks for your help!



Yeah, i test on my synology DS213j and usb disks work ok but after a while the kernel sometimes stops sending usb data correctly. I have told them this and hopefully they fix the bug at some point soon. I suspect the usb cd reader uses the same read mechanisms as a usb disk and i think this is the bug.


OK. Then all I can do is wait until they fix the problem. Maybe I'll write them as well to underline the importance of this issue. ;-)



I installed VH server 2.8.4 on Synology DS216+ running DSM 6.1-15047
Installed VH client on OSX 10.12.3 and activated full license
Connected a DVD writer via USB.
=> VH client GUI shows the DVD writer as "in use" by me.
Inserted Audio-CD and Data-DVD
=> Disc does not show in finder
=> Disc does not show in mounted or unmounted volumes


UPDATE to my first posting "CD/DVD does not mount // Synology-Server, OSX-Client":

I connected an USB-HDD and an USB-Stick to the NAS.
=> Both show up in the client GUI and I can put them "in use", but they don't appear in OSX finder.
I launched OSX's Disk Utitity app => does not react, does not show any devices, shows spinning wheel only.
I quitted VH client => Disk Utitity app is vivid again and shows all connected disks.
I started VH client
=> Disk Utility now shows the USB stick
=> Finder now shows USB stick and I can browse. I could not test writing because the stick is NTFS and I don't have an utility at hand to mount this RW.
=> CD/DVD and HDD are still not visible (not in Finder, not in Disk Utility)

It looks to me that there may be a problem with OSX (again?). Maybe the admin wants to move this and the previous posting to same other location, because it doesn't seem related to the initial topic "USB DVD writer".


Can you update your synology server to the latest here

Does the DVD light come on or does the DVD appear to spin when you are accessing it via VirtualHere? Are using it over WiFi? I think that maybe it might be really slow accessing it over virtualhere, sort of like the usb stick it may take a while if the stick is really large > 4GB so give it a minute or so. If your on a wired LAN it should be quite fast about 20sec to show up.


After manual update of the VH server and reboot of the NAS, VH client on OSX works!
Wonderful, thank you Michael!

BTW #1: The Package Center in the Synology DSM tells me that the current VH server version is 2.8.4. (whereas it should read 3.2.6).
BTW #2: The VH download page doesn't list Synology's "DS 216+". I installed the package für the "DS 716+" which has the same "Braswell" architecture. And it works. Maybe it will be easier to keep the download page updated if you refer to the packaging architecture (Braswell, Broadwell, etc) instead of Synology's marketing-centered number-names (eg. DS216, DS216+, DS216se, etc). See Synology's overview:…


Ok great, yes synology app store still has 2.8.4, ive passed on the latest build months ago but its still not on there. Synology is taking their time with the update. Not much i can do except recommend the server is upgraded by downloading the file from this website instead. I'll change the download page to specify architecture...