Hub found after 30 minutes, sometimes not at all

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Hub found after 30 minutes, sometimes not at all

Hello I have a question,

We want to use this program because of CoVid people are working home.

From a laptop they RDP into their computer at work.
On the laptop they run VirtualHere Server.
On the computer at work they run VirtualHere Client.

In VirtualHere Client we set up the laptop name with port :7575.

When RDP'd into the PC VirtualHere Client says "Connecting to USB hub..." and after 30 minutes finally the USB devices show up. Today I tried it again but didn't work, for my colleague it's not working at all.

In between the PC and Laptop we use SSL VPN (SonicWALL). Is this the problem? Do we need to change something? (I am not the best in networks)

Kind regards


30mins!! Wow, it should only be about 15 seconds.

I think something is definitely not setup correctly on your network. VirtualHere just uses TCP port 7575

So if thats open virtualhere will use it. VirtualHere should work with most VPN's. I think you need to double check port 7575 on your VPN and firewall setup is open

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