vhusbdmipssf bug?


for some reason, if i disconnect the usb it detects that it has been disconnected.. but if i reconnect it, then it doesnt notice that i reconnected it. At the same way it only works if the usb is already plugged in when i run the app.

Is this a bug or a design limitation?




Thats easy to check.

Run lsusb on your router. If you cannot see the usb device, virtualhere wont be able to see it either.

If the device is plugged in and lsusb doesnt show it, you have a bug in your openwrt kernel.


thanks will check it out tonight when I am at home..


this is strange.. i just tested it and when your program is closed, i see the device, and it goes away if i unplug the device. if i plug it back in i can see it again.. but if your program is running, then the device will be lost if i unplug it, but it will not be reconnected if i plug it back in. its like if your software is blocking the usb port.


Ok, check the AutoBindToKernel setting in config.ini and set that to 1 to see if that fixes it.


I jsut arrived at the office and cant test it for the next 10 hours.. where would i find the config.ini?


Where the vhusbd server binary is, probably /tmp or wherever you run it from.


ok, i just screwed up everything and cant connect anymore. will have to reset everything and set up everything from scratch.. will do it Tomorrow and report back.. ok?


just tried to set autoattachtokernel to 1 and restarting the server but no luck.. problem persists..


OK thats not right, it should detect this. i dont have a MR3040 to test with but i will try installing opewrt on a raspberry pi and see if its ok with usb connect->disconnect->reconnect etc.


OK i installed openwrt on my raspberry pi and connected a usb disk and i could use it in the VirtualHere client. Then i disconnected the usb stick and then it disappeared from virtualhere client, then i reconnected the disk and it appeared again in the client which is correct. So i think there is something in that openwrt build for the 3040 hardware. Take a look in "logread" when you plug/unplug the device. Do you see anything written in there? Like "usb 1.2: new high speed device connected..."


will do as soon as i am at home.. but if you take a look at the other topics here in the forum about the 3040 there are other users having the same issure..

will report back as soon as i am at home!



Here we go! :)

Fri Jan 30 17:56:32 2015 kern.info kernel: [80959.400000] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, device number 8
Fri Jan 30 17:57:21 2015 kern.info kernel: [81008.250000] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 9 using ehci-platform
Fri Jan 30 17:57:21 2015 user.err vhusbdmipssf: Error 13 opening device (/tmp/bus_usb_001_009) file descriptor, Permission denied
Fri Jan 30 17:59:39 2015 kern.info kernel: [81146.290000] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, device number 9


Great, thanks for the log. I will be able to fix the permission denied problem. Will post a new server build this weekend.


Currently i am not at home but will try and report back in a few hours!! Thanks! :)


Looks like you can't unplug the camera on that device without a reboot. I changed the code to create a new filename every time the camera is connected/disconnected however since the permission problem is still there that idea didnt work.


that sux.. it happens quite often that i unplug acidentally the cable from the device... but why does it work if your software is not running?


thank you thank you thank you!

these changes are Worth a ton for me and my project! :)