Hori arcade sticks not working

I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 and a Hori Fighting stick 3. Both don't work with VirtualHere. I have a paid virtualhere license running on a nvidia shield. On the client, the devices show as LTD. They work fine when plugged directly to the client computer


I did some more testing, it's not a problem with virtualhere but with the shield, it takes over any controller connected to the shield and passes it to the pc as a single xbox controller. It's funny because I have 2 xbox wireless controllers (connected via dongle to the shield) and one switch pro controller, they all send to the player 1 at the same time


Enabling multicontroller support kinda solves the problem but I'm still confused. My Hori fightsticks are shown as LTD in virtualhere client, my switch pro controller also shows as Ltd, and the wireless xbox dongle is detected as null and shows as ''. but if I plug my thrustmaster 16000M joystick it shows up properly in the client and I can use it to move around on the shield menus, the shield doesn't try to pass it as a virtual xbox controller


Try this

1. Unplug/replug the hori arcade stick. Then in the virtualhere client right click on it and select Custom Event Handler and then paste in exactly this string:


Then press ok.

Now try to use the stick via virtualhere. Does it work ok now?


Hi Michael,

That didn't work :/ device still shows as LTD. and windows complains when trying to use it. See here: https://pasteboard.co/JV96c4o.png

I also own a steamlink device and a steam license for virtualhere, using the steamlink device and virtualhere I can get the arcade stick to work properly. Using the steamlink app on the nvidia shield, I canĀ“t get it to work.


OK it must be a limitation of android unfortunately. Android doesn't allow quite as much control over a USB device as plain Linux does, so you wont be able to use the stick on the shield


I have another android license on a phone that broke down, was using it for a yawvr wireless setup. I'll check again once I get it fixed. I believe the problem is with the shield and it's way to take over controller devices, and not with Android itself. In case I'm not able to fix the broken phone I'd really appreciate a way to transfer that license to my new phone.


I have another idea, could you download and run https://www.uwe-sieber.de/usbtreeview_e.html#download (for x64) and then plug your sticks directly into your pc and find them on the left pane of that usbtreeview program and click on each and copy the right pane details into a txt file and then email me those two text files (one for each device)

It might be a bug in virtualhere so if you can send me those details i'll have a check


I just sent them via email, thanks for looking into it


I have a very similar problem so I'm hoping you managed to get this one fixed.

I have two hori steering wheels ( which I believe should be recognised as xbox 360 controllers or something similar)
Both work fine connected directly to the PC

They show as Ltd. in the VH client

I have the usb details for both from the application mentioned above if that helps



It ended up being some bug in android that reports the wrong speed. madsmash switched to the linux based steamlink and it worked.


Cheers for getting back to me. I 'm running the server on my Shield (Android) TV. I'll see if i can use an alternative device.
Thanks Michael