Hotkey option missing when running as client service

Hi guys,,

I've setup a dongle with a hotkey to connect with CTRL + 1. This allowed me to run a script, connect simply with a keystroke, do the work that is needed, and disconnect again.
But i have taken the dongle out last week, put it back in(different port probably as the name is now original again) and the hotkey was obviously not working. But its nowhere to be found anymore. Then i realised i installed it as a client service. Uninstalled it and the hotkey menu returned. Made a hotkey and installed it again as service. Hotkeys are working, but the menu is gone. Is that normal or did i find the easter egg :P


Hi, yes that is a limitation i put in there i while back. I checked again and there isnt really a reason why the service couldnt have the ability to set a hot key. I can add that to t the todo list.


OK finally got around to investigating this issue.

From researching this, actually it is impossible for the client to be able to use hot-keys when running as a service. Windows services cannot receive keystrokes. This was blocked in Windows Vista when Microsoft tightened security in Windows.