Code Signing USB Token on macOS


We just licensed VH and having an issue with code signing usb token on macOS. The USB key works when plugged in directly to the machine (SafeNet Auth Client sees the usb token) but does not when connected through VH (SafeNet Auth Client does not see the usb token).

This is not an issue when using SafeNet on Windows.



Yes what version of osx are you using?


I should have specified that in my original post. I am on an Intel based macOS 11.6.


This same workflow works in Flexihub. Unfortunately, we cannot expose tokens over internet.


And the kernel extension is loaded. Output from kextstat | grep -v

201 0 0xffffff7f9cd81000 0x13000 0x13000 com.virtualhere.vhhcd (2.0.3) BF500686-DF47-3775-84D4-A81B41981813 <62 6 5 3>


No 11 is not supported yet. It will be at some point, Im waiting for Apple to give permission, ive been waiting 6 months so far so they take their time :)


How are other companies (Flexihub) able to get permission and not wait 6 months?


Yeah the reason is apple is going to block everyone except those companies that ask permission. They've told me so. They havent done it yet but its coming..The only way to pass through usb will be the way im using when they approve it.