Steamlink on Android TV box with Virtualhere (windows version) and Logitech G923 Wheel


I'm having trouble with my setup...Steamlink finds the wheel and connects to it fine and when I try opening a game like Forza 4 or anything I cant press any buttons in the game....non of the X,Y,A,B buttons work or any other buttons

The wheel connects to the pc fine as I can hear a connection sound on from the pc when the game starts.

Any help?



1. What tv box model is it?
2. In the Android Settings->About does it show the "Kernel Version" listed there?
3. When you see the wheel listed in the virtualhere client, what does it say "Logitech G923" or something like that?


Its a H96 Pro Plus, running Android 7.1.1
The Kernel Version is 3.14.29
Yes it has G923 Racing wheel for Xbox one and PC next to the star


OK unfortunately i dont think it will work. I dont have that wheel to test with so im not sure of the issue. That android version should be ok (although the kernel is a bit old)