How to Install VirtualHere on ChromeOS


I am trying to install VirtualHere on ChromeOS. I had a setup working on Linux Mint with the VH server on Linux, and the Client on a Paperspace Windows VM. I used reverse connections so that the client could see the server. I am trying to now recreate this setup after converting to ChromeOS. I have a Linux environment running, however, I am having trouble knowing how to set this up. The Linux environment is not graphical and is Debian based so I know I should be creating a config.ini. If I try to run the Debian file itself I get "VirtualHere 4.3.3 caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault) and must exit". Running the script from "" does not seem to cause an issue, but I am not sure how to vary the settings for this. I tried to create a config.ini in "/usr/local/etc/virtualhere" based on the install script, with a line for the reverse client based on this: But I did not seem to have success. Help would be greatly appreciated, and I would be more than happy to buy a license if this can get set up properly.

The use case is to use virtual here with parsec and Paperspace for gaming, specifically for mouse issues, but also to pass through other peripherals.

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No its not possible to run virtualhere server on chromeos because it has to run inside chrome-crostini VM which wont pass through USB devices correctly.