Raspberry Pi wrong drivers?


I recently installed VH on my RPi and on my Pc. It works fine, i find my RPi in the list and i can see which devices are connected.
I tried to connect a normal mouse to test it. But i cannot use the device. I always get the following error (even if i change the device):


The VirtualHere Drivers could not be loaded.
Please reboot your machine and run VirtualHere again to install/upgrade the drivers.


19:07:13 INFO :VirtualHere 1.9.0 starting (Compiled: Dec 2 2013 10:30:38)
19:07:13 INFO :Using config at C:\Users\...
19:07:13 INFO :Starting Windows Lookup...
19:07:13 INFO :Windows Lookup started
19:07:13 INFO :Starting Manual Lookup...
19:07:13 INFO :Manual Lookup started
19:07:33 INFO :Drivers are up-to-date
19:07:33 INFO :CreateFile failed
19:07:33 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, zugriff verweigert (0x00000005)
19:11:18 INFO :Drivers are up-to-date
19:11:18 INFO :CreateFile failed

Of course i did the reboot on both, the RPi and my Pc, i reinstalled the server and the client, but still the same error...

Any ideas what that can be?




Great job! Now i can use my device :).
Problem was as in the post u posted the USB Virtualization. After turning it off, i could use the mouse for testing!

But i got the next problem right here :( :

I tried to connect an APM controller to fetch data form it. I see it in the tree and i can also use it, however the data transfere breaks after a short time of mostly 10 - 15 secs. I want to get the data from the APM to use it in the MissionPlaner, a "standard" software for the APM. If i connect the APM directly to my Pc everything works fine, so there should be no wrong configuration on the MissionPlaner side.

Any idea why this is happening?




Is it possible that the RPi is too slow for that use?



Yes, thats the thing i want to use.
I already tried to overclock my RPi. I tried all given modes, but the result was pretty much the same.
Maybe it is because the controllerboard need too much power. I connected it via usb only, so maybe the RPi could not handle that much powerneed (i am not sure how much it really needs). I will try it with an usbhub and its own power supply and post my results.



An extern power source solved the problem. The RPi was too weak to supply the controller board.