Accessing Seneye on an RPI4

Hi, hoping for some assistance debugging the Pi4 server trying to run a Seneye device. I have managed to get it running on windows server to windows client but not pi4->windows.

Standard install using the script, not using the specialised Pi server. It works in that the USB hub from the Pi shows up in my windows client (if i plug in a mouse receiver it shows up), but the Seneye device never shows up. Which i assume means that Virtualhere can’t access the device for some reason.

I have tried with no modifications and with adding the following to config.ini

I have also added the 10-local.rules


Does dmesg on the pi show anything when you plug in the senseye?


Hmm. same here.
Had everything on my desk. Seneye connected to an otg samsung cable, to make it go from usb to micro-usb on my raspberry pi zero 2.
Had Seneye in the water.
All fine. Windows client saw Seneye, seneye connect software was started and found the shared usb.

So i disconnected the power from the pi zero2. Moved everything to the living room.
And now I just can't see the seneye device pop-up anymore.
I do see virtualhere server working just fine.

I have the same setup in the config.ini and local.rules
Reconnecting the USB doesn't show anything in dmes. The seneye usb is powered from the usb port, because I see it blinking.


Ok. After reconnecting and reconnecting the otg-cable with seneye on it.
I decided to unplug the seneye from the otg cable and leave the otg cable in.
Restarted virtual here server and the seneye shows up again.


OK its almost certainly a power issue i suspect. If you cant see it in dmesg, virtualhere wont be able to see it either. Anyway does it work ok when it does show up?