Client error messages on Windows 7 64bit

<p>Hi,<br />
I'm testing the client on a Windows 7 64bit system. The client shows the available usb devices but when I try to use a device and install the drivers, as requested, I receive the following error messages,<br />
The System Messages window shows the following messages
<p>22:32:14 INFO :VirtualHere Client 2.8.1 starting (Compiled: Mar 21 2015 10:54:08)<br />
22:32:14 INFO :Using config at C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\vhui.ini<br />
22:32:14 INFO :IPC available at \\.\pipe\vhclient<br />
22:32:14 INFO :Auto-find on
<p>22:43:51 INFO :connect select timeout<br />
22:43:57 INFO :Received IPC verb="IS SERVICE", arg=""<br />
22:43:57 INFO :Received IPC verb="SHOW", arg=""<br />
22:44:21 INFO :connect select timeout<br />
22:44:51 INFO :connect select timeout<br />
22:45:21 INFO :connect select timeout<br />
22:45:51 INFO :connect select timeout<br />
22:46:14 INFO :No drivers found, they will be installed<br />
22:47:00 INFO :In file ../src/msw/window.cpp at line 577: 'SetFocus' failed with error 0x00000057 .<br />
22:47:16 INFO :SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces failed<br />
22:48:13 INFO :SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces failed<br />
22:48:13 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, there is no more detail available. (0x00000103)<br />
22:48:29 INFO :Drivers are up-to-date<br />
22:48:29 INFO :SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces failed<br />
22:48:30 INFO :SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces failed<br />
22:48:30 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, there is no more detail available.(0x00000103)
<p>Thank you in advance for your help.</p>


Is it running as a service? Or are you running it as a normal GUI?


Maybe there is some permission problem. could you try this:

open the command prompt then type

vhui64.exe -x

that will extract the drivers to the directory shown. Change to that directory and run dpinsts.exe

and see if that installs the drivers correctly.


Problem has been solved
Thank you very much for your help.